Here at CaptiVision we strongly believe that the "Hands-On" teaching approach is the best way
for people to learn and retain specific processes more quickly and efficiently.


We'll provide you with the right tools you need to develop the skills of your people.


We'll help support the growth of your organization as it expands and flourishes.


Expect the highest quality world-class support. And, absolutely nothing less.

The learning design and performance consulting industry is one based on vast amounts of scientific research and theory from the fields of neuroscience and instructional design. However, products produced within this industry often lack quality execution aligned with this research as learning design professionals continue to focus primarily on imparting content instead of facilitating challenging, relevant, and realistic learning experiences. In many organizations, this is typically due to a lack of resources, the need to quickly support the organization, and the fact that creating a quality learning experience is rarely a quick and simple process. To say that there are some challenges for learning design professionals and leaders, especially when training employees on using homegrown or 3rd party software applications, is an understatement.

In addition to any potential internal challenges, there is also a massive rift in the current simulation development marketplace. On one side, the relatively inexpensive tools capable of producing simulations (Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate) require a significant amount of time for both development and maintenance. On the other side, the existing tools that allow designers to quickly produce true-to-life simulations are relatively difficult to use and are simply not cost-effective for many small and medium-sized businesses.

CaptiVision is comprised of software developers, learning design consultants, and customer service professionals that provide software solutions and services that allow an organization’s learning design teams to rapidly develop, deliver, and maintain quality software simulations at a cost that is dictated entirely by the specific needs of any size organization.